Incognito Forensic Foundation (IFF Lab)


Incognito Forensic Foundation is an NGO that provides digital forensics and cybersecurity service for law enforcement agencies and enterprises. They wanted to create awareness of cybersecurity and create a better digital presence.


Website redesign, SEO, brand awareness campaign for a cybersecurity NGO.


Created a secured, quick load time and a research-oriented website that helps to provide in-depth knowledge on cybersecurity and forensic science. With the right target, minimal promotions on social channels, and regular optimization, the website traffic increased drastically.


  • The website load time increased with high-security features.
  • The automated chatbot helped to provide quick information to our visitor’s queries.
  • The site generates thousands of traffic every day across the globe.
  • It ranks No.1 for the most keywords and Google programmatically ranked our pages as the featured snippet.

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