20 checklist to consider before choosing a Digital Marketing Institute
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20 checklist to consider before choosing a Digital Marketing Institute

If you are going to pursue Digital Marketing as your career, learn it from the right academy. The following checklist will help you to choose it wisely.

Curriculum – Understand the curriculum well. Ask questions before joining. Check whether the curriculum is updated or they are training you the same old school methods.

Online/Offline – Can you learn online or you need special attention. Simple, try taking a demo class online and offline.

Class timings – Do they have flexible timings?

Duration – What is the total course duration?

Batch Size – Don’t get lost in the crowd where you couldn’t raise a doubt/questions.

Distance from your place – How far is the academy from your place?

Trainer’s experience – What is the trainer’s past experience? Check on LinkedIn to know more about the trainers.

Trainers Accessibility – Check if you can spend some additional time if you need more help in any topics.

Training Method – How do they train you? Do they explain with scenario-based examples, case studies, real-time analytics to understand?

Extra resources – Do they provide you with additional resources apart from the curriculum?

Fee – How much do they charge you? Do they provide value for the money? Do they have flexible payment options?

Ratings and Reviews – Check their ratings and reviews on Facebook and Google.

Search Engine Ranking – How do they rank for your search? If they train you on SEO, then they should rank for your keywords.

Reputation – Analyse their reputation in Social Media and understand what industry well-known influencers talk about your institute.

Social Media Presence – Don’t just stop with Facebook. Check their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest pages.

Placements – Do they train you how to attend Interviews? Do they help you to get hired? Ask them what kind of placement assistance do they provide.

Where do Alumni work? – You can analyse on LinkedIn and their website.

Certification – What are certifications do they provide? Do they help you to take internationally recognised certifications?

One-One Mentorship – Do they help you to achieve your goals? Do they mentor you? Do they motivate you?

Addons – Are you getting maximum out of it? check if you can learn additional skills like designing images, creating audio (podcast) & video content. Any events to network with industry influencers? Get-together sessions which will help you to develop your networking skill.

A trainer is the one who moulds your thoughts. Choose it wisely. Wish you all the best 🙂

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