An inspiring girl who dropped me to my office

I’m writing this blog to share my first experience with an Uber commuter in Bangalore.

I’m working as a Digital Marketing Faculty at Web Marketing Academy, Indiranagar which is 6 km away from my home. I depend on public transports and I prefer commuting in a cab than other modes of transport.

Uber pool is one of the fantastic business models where commuters can save a lot of money by sharing their ride, as well as drivers, get more trips. Basically, it encourages people to share the ride so that the traffic will reduce, Save fuel consumption, reduces noise and air pollutions and a chance to socialize with the co-passenger.

The reason why I prefer Uber pool than Ola share is because of their professionalism. Uber cab drivers will not annoy customers by asking for the pick-up location, drop location, route, etc, etc, etc and they will not end up in the wrong pick up point even after using their Mobile app and no peak-time surcharges.

Here we go, this is what happened today when I booked for an Uber pool:

As an Uber commuter, I booked Uber pool today morning around 10 am and I got a notification that “Aishwarya – Uber commuter will pick you up in 5 minutes.” I was surprised to see a woman’s name and details in the driver’s profile. Initially, I thought it was a bug but later noticed that “Test” was mentioned next to her name.

I thought that Uber is testing with woman drivers to empower women in India because I have been using Uber for years. Usually, men cab drivers would drive, but not as commuters. I was witnessing for the first time with a Woman commuter because I have never heard of Woman driving a cab in Bangalore before!

The cab arrived at my location on time, our drive began with a mutual “Hello!” What I did not know at that point was how a spark of conversation with the young lady turned out inspiring me to write this article.

And I truly hope this post would inspire many others…so here goes…

I was curious to know what encouraged her to drive an Uber cab. Something, previously unheard of – at least not here in my city. She said that she was heading towards Embassy Golf Links and she wanted to try Uber app for commuters.

Oh, by the way, Embassy Golf Links (EGL for short) is a place where a bunch of International companies like Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo! and Goldman Sachs operate from.

So, that deepened my curiosity, I couldn’t help but ask her if she was employed at one of these ‘big’ brands at EGL.

She said she’s currently an Intern at the prestigious Goldman Sachs. My jaws dropped!! After a couple more minutes of interaction, I learned that she was a B.Com graduate and preparing for Chartered Accountant (CA) exams as well as working for Goldman Sachs. She wanted to pursue MBA after her CA exams. I was inspired after talking to her. I truly was.

She is too young to explore by driving a cab. Also, I had a quick question about her driving license. She said that she had submitted all her documents as proof before she started.

Wow!! It’s hard to see such hard working, down to earth people without any ego. She gained my respect.

She asked about my career and qualification. I introduced myself to her, She then asked for career advice and scope of MBA in India after knowing my educational and professional background. I shared a lot of valuable resources and advice. It’s not because of the opposite gender, It’s for the boldness and attitude towards exploring new things.

We reached the destination on time and the drive was excellent. For some, this may not be a big deal, but to me, this was quite inspiring.

A young lady, well educated, already interning at a big company chose to be a commuter on Uber. She sure had big plans ahead, and I think she’s going to do great. I wish her all luck.

I appreciate Uber for encouraging women commuters to drive. Hats off to you Aishwarya and I really feel proud of you. Keep exploring until we meet again. And wish you a great future ahead 🙂

And for all the great women out there, be bold, explore for fortune favors the brave!

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